How to Contact Italki Customer Service?

According to research, on average, it takes a person between one and two years to learn and master a new language. As a result, a single person can actually learn as many as 10 languages throughout his or her lifetime.

If you want to test your language-learning skills, Italki can be a great place to start. This is an online learning platform that connects learners with teachers.

Learners engage in one-to-one sessions with qualified teachers to help them master the language of their choice. Italki is also a great opportunity for ambitious teachers, as it helps them make money as freelancers.

Italki was founded in 2007 as a language exchange community. In the beginning, the website offered free community-based learning, where people could share their information and language-learning tips for free, but in 2009, it opened its first teacher marketplace where teachers could offer their services and set their prices, and learners can find qualified tutors to help them learn a new language.

Contacting Italki Customer Service

If you want to contact Italki to ask about the availability of languages, how online tutoring works, how to choose the best tutor, or how to apply as a teacher, the company has actually provided multiple ways to help you communicate efficiently with a customer care employee.

Italki Customer Service – Website

When you’re visiting the Italki home page, you can press the “Support” tab. This opens an automatic chat window where you can search for your topic.

There’s a list of several topics that you can browse, or you can write a word related to your issue to get a faster response.

In addition, you can visit the italki support page, after logging in to your account.

Italki Customer Service – Social Media

If you did not manage to get a response throught Italki’s website, you can also try contacting the company on its Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube channel, or Twitter account.

Italki – Media and Business Inquiries

  • You can send an email to [email protected]. The company’s employees will read your email and provide an adequate response to help solve your issue.
  • You can fill out the email form on the Contact Us page. This is a detailed form that asks for several pieces of information to guarantee that the employee has all the necessary data to help you.

How Can I Get a Faster Response from Italki?

Waiting for a response can be boring, especially if you’re in a hurry. Here are some tips to help you get a faster and more helpful response from Italki representatives.

  • Check out all the topics under the Support section. Your issue might be explained, so you don’t have to wait for a response.
  • In case you want to address an admin, check out the latest post on any social media platform you prefer. You can also send a direct message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • If you’re filling out the email form or sending an email, make sure that you’re providing all the necessary information to allow the customer service employee to help you faster.
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