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About Timberland

Timberland is an American manufacturer of outdoor wear and is particularly well known for its footwear. Its work boots are recognized as a fashion item and are known informally as Timbs.

The company began in 1928 as a manufacturer of work boots. It was founded in Boston, USA, but is now headquartered in New Hampshire. In 2011, VF Corporation, an American footwear manufacturer, acquired Timberland for $2 billion.

In recent years, Timberland has shifted much of its focus to more fashion-oriented apparel, although it still retains its focus on outdoor wear. It also releases collaborations with other fashion brands, including Bee Line and Stussy.

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Timberland Customer Support – Call Center

Timberland customer support call center phone number: 1-888-802-9947.

Timberland call center operating hours: Monday-Friday: 07:00-17:30 CST.

Additional phone numbers:

Text: +1-920-545-5123
South Africa: +27-11-483-3844
Canada: +1-833-817-1812
Austria: +43-08000-70-223
Bulgaria: +359-0-884-224-985
Croatia: +385-0-1-64-00-730
Mexico: +52-5584381815
Denmark: +45-80252978
France: +33-0800-919-142
Germany: +49-0800-180-0182
Irelance: +353-180-092-3053
Belgium: +32-0800-81599
Greece: +30-210-6859366
Italy: +39-800-793-760
Netherlands: +31-0800-323-2010
Luxembourg: +352-800-233-32
Poland: +48-12-681-84-48
Russia: +7-8-800-770-05-39
Portugal: +351-800-781-344
Switzerland: +41-0800-001-926
Sweden: +46-020-792-059
Spain: +34-900-816-754
Turkey: +90-0-850-200-03-00
UK: +44-0800-023-2478

Timberland Customer Support – Website

Timberland customer support, knowledge center and self service at timberland.com: click here.

Timberland Customer Support – Email

– No email support.

Timberland Customer Support – Chat

Timberland customer support chat link: click here.

Timberland Customer Support – Whatsapp

– No whatsapp support.

Timberland Customer Support – facebook

Timberland customer support facebook link: click here.

Timberland Customer Support – Twitter

Timberland customer support twitter link: click here.

Timberland Customer Support – Address

Timberland customer support address (or headquarters address): Timberland Customer Service
N850 County Highway CB
Appleton, WI 54914.