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Ryanair Customer Support – Call Center

Ryanair customer support call center phone number: 44-871-246-0002.

Ryanair call center operating hours: 24/7.

Ryanair Customer Support – Website

Ryanair customer support, knowledge center and self service at Ryanair.com: click here.

Ryanair Customer Support – Email

– No email support.

Ryanair Customer Support – Chat

Ryanair customer support chat link: click here.

Ryanair Customer Support – Whatsapp

– No whatsapp support.

Ryanair Customer Support – facebook

Ryanair customer support facebook link: click here.

Ryanair Customer Support – Twitter

Ryanair customer support twitter link: click here.

Ryanair Customer Support – Address

– No address.

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  1. Dear Ryanair,
    This is with reference to my flight( FR196) from Berlin to Budapest on 07.11.2019 for two people.
    I am a frequent flyer with Ryanair, but never came across a need to file a complain until yesterday.
    I had a flight to board at 7:30 am from Berlin SXF airport. As usual I tried to check in a day before my departure, but unfortunately due to some technical problems I was not able to do so. As advised by the web page , I also tried to use the app to make my check in, but again failed. I was noticed that the technical breakdown or repair will be till 2 am and I should try after that. I tried a lot to check in after 3:30 or 4:00 am, but was not able to do so. It again and again made me come back to the same page after I put in my details of passport and other required information. After a long wait it took me to a page to the final step of check in , but unfortunately it again said there is some technical problem and I cannot check in from here and should do at airport. I do have a screenshot of the same with me, and can share if required.
    At the airport, I was not provided with my boarding pass until I paid 110 EUR (55 EUR per person). I told them the whole situation but the person concerned could not just help us but was highly rude in speaking and just denied to help us out in any means. I also requested him to make me speak to any person concerned with Ryanair, but again I was in dismay to get any help. I was told that the people were informed by the company about this technical hitch and advised to check in earlier. But I assure I never got any email, not just me there were few other people at airport who said the same. I believe not everyone is lying.
    All this happened around 5; 45 am and my flight was scheduled to depart at 7:28 am. Since the time I was told all this, I tried all the means to connect to the Ryanair representative, through phone or live chat or email. But unfortunately I again was given a set back, there was no one who could help me. I would have been fine to pay the money (110EUR), if assured that those will be returned to me, as it was not my mistake that the server was down. I have the screenshot of the chats when no one responded to my query. I just cannot understand that if a person has some emergency beyond the working hours, where is one suppose to contact.
    I had to eventually skip my flight and my whole money went in waste. I had paid for my return flight too(two persons), which was non refundable. All my hotel bookings were non refundable and everything just got ruined. It just did not made me suffer financially but mentally too.
    I am really disappointed with this act of Ryanair and request for an answer to this. I request for a compensation for me being denied my flight even when I had paid completely for my flight. This act is not appreciated.
    I need an answer and compensation to the problems faced by us .I am ready to provide the required proofs of the various calls, technical problem notification and live chats if required.

    • Hello Nikita,
      It is recommended to contact Ryanair Customer Service using the contact details provided on this page.

      Best regards


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